About me and my philosophy as a wedding photographer

Great photography is about telling stories: weddings, anniversaries, the birth of a baby, engagements, significant moments in time.

Megan Blackwell is a professional photographer with years of experience. Her work is relaxed and natural, bringing people and their personalities to the fore. It’s about getting to the heart of you and your story - whether that means casual candid shots, carefully crafted images, or a mixture of the two.

She shoots almost anything, from huge events to intimate courthouse weddings, families playing in parks to individual portraits, romantic engagements, to new tattoos. One of her specialities is comedy photography, she loves capturing the unique personalities of comedians as they work.

Megan is a thoughtful, considered photographer. For her, it’s not about taking thousands of random shots and hoping for the best, it’s about getting into the atmosphere of an event and anticipating the crucial moments she needs to capture.

Because she knows most people aren’t particularly comfortable in front of the camera, Megan works hard to put people at ease during shoots. She knows how to disappear into the background so people can shine, but she can also command a crowd when she needs to. Her warm, friendly personality helps her clients relax and enjoy themselves - which naturally results in better photos.

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Wedding photographer Auckland Megan Blackwell
Wedding photographer Auckland Laurel Forman

The Right Hand of Blackroom: Originally from Colorado, USA Laurel Foreman has a long standing love for photography.  Her key experience has been with studio portraiture working predominantly with families, young children and newborns.  

Laurel has been working with Blackroom for three years and is a vital part of how we shoot weddings and large events.  She has a great eye for detail and a mind for order, these make her highly skilled at anticipating and accommodating the needs of both the main photographer and clients.  Laurel’s cool and calm nature allow her to go with the flow to get the job done.  

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