Leilani & Anthony

Leilani and Anthony are real life sweethearts. I was very excited when a mutual friends connected us.  As we sat down to work out logistics I realised this was going to be a very special and important day.  With Leilani's grandfather unwell and passing the week of the wedding it this was going to a much needed happy occassion for the family; and what a family!  These two come from such passionate and fun people that us feel so welcome.  This wedding didn't feel like we were hired to work a job, it felt more like we were celebrating with friends.

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How did you meet?

We met through friends in our first year of University.  Anthony was studying first year biomedical science and Leilani was studying biological sciences so we had several classes together. Also, because our names were so similar (Anthony Walters and Leilani Walker), we would always sit tests and exams in the same room so we bonded on the shared adversity.  It will always be a minor sore point that Anthony got a better grade than Leilani in biochemistry.

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Describe your wedding day:

We did things a little differently and had photographs with the bridal party before the ceremony, then had the ceremony and reception in the same location. The main reason for this was to make things as convenient as possible for our older relatives and those with small children. Making things easy and enjoyable for our guests was always a pretty high priority. The only other priority we had was for us to have fun and not be stressed on the day. In this respect we think our choice of vendors was pretty on the money. Everyone was both professional and incredibly flexible.

Really it would be difficult for our day to have been any better. That's not to say everything went according to plan - we just didn't care. The wedding was planned in eight weeks which included Leilani being in and out of the country, and Leilani's grandfather passing away the week of the wedding. With so little time we felt completely comfortable passing off jobs to friends and family members who were all incredibly supportive (and very good at their jobs!) When it came to the day itself we couldn't help but be conscious of how lucky we were to have such a large support network who were eager to celebrate with us and see us happy. From what we can tell, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and particularly after a week of mourning, we're so glad that we all had time to just eat and be together.

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The Dress:

A simple and elegant gown from Xian Bridal.

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The Bridesmaids’ Dresses:

Classic black floor length dresses from Portmans of a similar style to Leilani.

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The Groom & groomsmen’s Suits:

Anthony’s got his suit from Working Style and the groomsmen's suits were hired from Frank Casey Suit Hire.

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Grasshopper Thai restaurant at the Stamford Plaza The ceremony and formal photos were in the restaurant's foyer.  The reception was setup with long banquet tables in the main restaurant with the bridal table on the stage.  


The Officiant:

Long time family friend Ian Peters

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The Cake:

Made by a friend of Leilani's. 

Highlight of the Wedding for You:

We think the speeches part of the evening stands out most for us. It'd take too long to describe what we loved about each speech but honestly we'd forgotten what charismatic friends and family we have. Special thanks would have to go out to Leilani's chorister friends who gave a surprise rendition of Durufle's Ubi Caritas which made a couple of the guests tear up. Things were also masterfully managed by Leilani's cousin, Simon, who MC'd. Simon is trained as school teacher and has MC'd several of his siblings' weddings.  His experience really showed! He's entertaining and loud but most importantly very very organised. He did a great job of keeping the energy up between speeches.   

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